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Managing Garden Space! There is a lot going on in our garden and we are trying to utilize as much space as we can. On the west side of our garden we have are utilizing this space for perennials, mainly because the half row of blackberries were already established there when rented our garden. On either side of the blackberries we have used the remains of all the weeds that we initially cleared, as combination mulch and light barrier. Underneath this mulch is a layer of landscape fabric and an established carpet of bermudagrass. We are hoping this barrier will eventually control the underlying bermudagrass. In the other “half row” we have planted Rhubarb and a variety of perennial herbs, including Rosemary, Sage, Oregano, Thyme, Chives and one Artichoke. We are planning on adding a “half row” in a combination of biennial Parsley and annual Dill.