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Installing the Tomato Wall! Installing the Tomato Wall! We are trying something new this year; “The Tomato Wall”. Necessity is the mother of invention and that was the inspiration for the tomato wall. We needed tomato cages, but what we had was a limited amount of “sheets” of 4′ X 8′ concrete reinforcing wire. It occurred to us that later in the summer when our tomato vines got too tall for our tomato cages, that we started weaving them in and out of the tomato cages to extend support for my wandering tomato vines. What we hope will happen is that as the vines get longer, we can train them in and out of the 6 X 6 wire squares horizontally. It will take a little effort a couple times a week to train the vines, but hopefully we can do this at the same time we are picking the tomatoes. We used 5′ steel “T” posts to support the wire sheets and zip ties to secure the wire to the posts. We are also using zip ties to secure the vines to the wire. When purchasing the “T” posts we had a choice between a much lighter thinner steel post, but the price difference was only about 13%, so we opted to buy the much heavier, longer lasting steel “T” posts.