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Seneca Round Nose Corn #1Seneca Round Nose Corn #1

Being an amateur native american historian, a gardener/farmer, and former resident of western New York state, it was inevitable that I would have an interest in growing Seneca White Corn/Iroquois ("Haudenosaunee") White Corn. Seneca RoundRead More

Jeanne Kitson Banana Nut Bread RecipeJeanne Kitson Banana Nut Bread Recipe

After attempting many times to duplicate my mothers Banana Nut Bread recipe, I finally found a copy written on a 3 x 5 card. I tried it and it turned out great; "Just like Mom used to make". This is a heavy, moist, rich loaf. If you have anRead More

Letters to My Mother sent by Dad – January, 1945Letters to My Mother sent by Dad – January, 1945

Fred Kitson circa late 1944 Dad once told me "My time in WWII was the most exciting 6 months of my life and for me it is like it happened yesterday" He never really talked about it until he was about 75 years old. Initially it upset him toRead More

Fall Food Plots – Trying New Seed MixesFall Food Plots – Trying New Seed Mixes

We haven't planted new food plots since 2014 and it is time (Summer 2017) to plant some fall annual food plots in preparation for perennial food plots in 2018. We have a half acre of three year old Imperial Whitetail™ Brand Clover which needsRead More

19th Hole Sauce Recipe19th Hole Sauce Recipe

My friends Jim and Starr Ramsey gave me this recipe many years ago and we usually have some on hand. Jim and Starr were the ultimate grillers; grilling 3-4 times a week, no matter what the weather. It didn't matter if there was a foot of snowRead More

Genesee Valley Produce Auction Summer 2017Genesee Valley Produce Auction Summer 2017

One of our favorite things to do is to visit the Genesee Valley Produce Auction. We visited the auction for the second time in 2017, just before the Fourth of July weekend. The auction is getting into full swing for the summer with a fullRead More

Canoeing Killarney Provincial Park circa 1969Canoeing Killarney Provincial Park circa 1969

Killarney Provincial Park map with portage distances My father started going on week long canoe trips to Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada with some friends from work. After a few years when my sister and I were old enough to go,Read More

Appreciate U.S. Agricultural Policy and the Farmers Who Grow Our FoodAppreciate U.S. Agricultural Policy and the Farmers Who Grow Our Food

The closest simple definition of basic U.S. Agriculture Policy can be reflected in United Nations definition (see below). I could not find a simple statement from the U.S Government, after searching for a half an hour on the internet. IRead More

Donate to a Food Pantry!!Donate to a Food Pantry!!

West Valley Food Pantry, Woodland Hills, CA West Valley Food Pantry 5700 Rudnick Avenue Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (818) 346-5554 http://www.westvalleyfoodpantry.org We find that as we garden, we regularly grow more than we can use orRead More

Vegetable LasagnaVegetable Lasagna

One of our favorite summer dishes is Vegetable Lasagna. You can really make this any time of year with produce from the grocery store, but using the fresh picked vegetables from your own garden extends the adventure of growing your own food. Read More

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About Mink Hollow Farm

Mink Hollow Farm, LLC is small business located in the state of GA, but the actual farm is located in very rural NY state. We lease our agricultural fields to local neighbor dairy farmers which are used to grow hay and corn to feed the cows. D......

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