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19th Hole Sauce Recipe19th Hole Sauce Recipe

My friends Jim and Starr Ramsey gave me this recipe many years ago and we usually have some on hand. glitter iphone case 7 Jim and Starr were the ultimate grillers; grilling 3-4 times a week, no matter what the weather. It didn't matter if thereRead More

Fall Food Plots – Trying New Seed MixesFall Food Plots – Trying New Seed Mixes

We haven't planted new food plots since 2014 and it is time (Summer 2017) to plant some fall annual food plots in preparation for perennial food plots in 2018. We have a half acre of three year old Imperial Whitetail™ Brand Clover which needs toRead More

Letters to My Mother sent by Dad – January, 1945Letters to My Mother sent by Dad – January, 1945

Fred Kitson circa late 1944 Dad once told me "My time in WWII was the most exciting 6 months of my life and for me it is like it happened yesterday" He never really talked about it until he was about 75 years old. Initially it upset him to talkRead More

Genesee Valley Produce Auction Summer 2017Genesee Valley Produce Auction Summer 2017

One of our favorite things to do is to visit the Genesee Valley Produce Auction. iphone 7 batman case We visited the auction for the second time in 2017, just before the Fourth of July weekend. The auction is getting into full swing for the summerRead More

Detail your car once a year!Detail your car once a year!

This blog is for "do-it-yourselfers". If you aren't going to get yourself a little dirty, stop reading now! This process will take the better part of a day to complete. So, pick a nice day, get out some headphones and listen to some good musicRead More

Seed, Fruit Trees, and Plant CatalogsSeed, Fruit Trees, and Plant Catalogs

Around the end of the year and certainly in the month of January, seed catalogs start arriving in the mail if you are on the mailing list. We have received these catalogs for many years. It is a great source of entertainment for us to read throughRead More

Soil Temperature – Soil ThermometerSoil Temperature – Soil Thermometer

One of the first things I learned as an agronomist, was the importance of soil temperature. Almost every seed has a specific temperature range where it will germinate best. If the soil temperature is colder or warmer than that temperature range,Read More

Baked HamBaked Ham

One of our favorite ways to eat ham is a home cooked, baked ham with cloves and pineapple. Several times a year, half and whole hams are placed on sale with a significant price discount. Easter is a common time for ham to go on sale. underwaterRead More

Choosing a Sprayer for Your Small Farm NeedsChoosing a Sprayer for Your Small Farm Needs

On our small farm we needed a sprayer for multiple uses, including several acres of food plots, an acre of orchard and the capability to correctly spray herbicides, fungicides and insecticides in field and orchard conditions. You will not find thisRead More

Gaspe BreadGaspe Bread

In the early 1960s, I traveled with my family on a two week vacation trip from Buffalo NY, through New England, north through Maine into the Canadian Province of Quebec to the Gaspe Peninsula. We returned to Buffalo by crossing the St. LawrenceRead More

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About Mink Hollow Farm

Mink Hollow Farm, LLC is small business located in the state of GA, but the actual farm is located in very rural NY state. We lease our agricultural fields to local neighbor dairy farmers which are used to grow hay and corn to feed the cows. D......

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