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Trickle Irrigation! Trickle Irrigation! A trickle irrigation system is a great way to water a garden. There are many advantages to this including uniform watering specifically where you want it, the ability to add more water in specific locations, and the option of adding a timer or computerized monitoring system to turn it on and off. It is also a great way to conserve water, if your source of water is limited. The system we are installing is a plastic line with emitters every 6 inches. This type of emitter will release about 4 tenths of a gallon of water every hour and will effectively water a row of say, green beans, deeply during that period of time. Another advantage of using a trickle system is that the the water is added one drop at a time so the garden foliage does not get wet. Wet foliage is many times a invitation for for disease organisms that will reduce your yields.